Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below for some of the more commonly asked questions, if you need more information please call or email us.


General Questions

  • What is the weight?
    Approx 800kg . This will vary a little depending on the extras fitted etc ( eg bull-bar + tow bar add a little bit ).
  • What weight will they carry?
    The vehicles are rated from the factory for a 350kg payload . Due to ATV tyre sizes etc we recommend a max. of 500kg.
  • Fuel Consumption
    All comments confirm that the vehicles will run for 2 weeks on a tank full ( approx 30 litres) when used on a daily basis in general use. This should be less than a quad will generally use . Consider that our quad trucks have the equivalent of a trailer for a tray. If a quad is towing it will use even more fuel. I believe the Subaru , being 4 cyl , will use marginally more fuel than the other models ( all being 3 cyl).
  • What is the best model?
    This is a commonly asked question and in my view no one model is better than the other ( it's a bit like the Holden vs Ford thing ) . A lot of it depends on the terrain / environment it is to be used in. On very hilly , steep country a centrally mounted engine is better ( central centre of gravity ) and perhaps a model with diff lock is more suited. On flat to light rolling country any model will perform well.
  • How stable are they?
    Due to the lower centre of gravity (and centrally mounted engine in most models except Subaru) they are very stable, especially when compared to a quad. They are very stable:
    - going up hill - highly unlikely to tip over back-wards. Safer if there is a need to stop during ascent, with excellent 4 wheel braking.
    - going down hill - especially when towing , with excellent 4 wheel braking. The vehicle wheel base makes them safer down hill and less likely to jack-knife.
    - Side-ways - wide, low wheel base and low centre of gravity make them very stable on the side of hills. Also any shift in load (fluid weight or posts etc moving) should not have an adverse effect.
  • Engine Sizes
    Up to 1991 all models had a 550cc engine . There was a Japanese Govt law change in 1991 which allowed all this style of vehicle to have an engine up to 660cc. Hence all models from 1991 onwards are 660cc. All models have a 3 cyl in-line petrol engine except SU4 which has an in-line 4 cyl engine. All models from 1999 onwards are fuel injected.
  • What gear-box do they have?
    D83 - all have a 4 spd hi/low ratio gearbox . Late model 1992 -> have a std 5 spd g/box with hi/low ratio
    - S51 - Late model are all 5spd Hi/Low ratio gearbox. Early models were 4 spd hi/low but some have a 5spd + extra low gear (6 spd) - no hi/low.
    - M42 - Late models are all 5spd hi/low ratio gearbox.
    - SU4 - all have a 5spd + extra low gear (6 spd). No hi/low.
    - Honda - 5spd fulltime 4wd - no hi/low.

    All new models are 5spd Hi/Low Ratio.
  • Are they available in diesel?
    No. All makers on produce petrol engine models.
  • Do they all come with a heater?
    Yes all models have a standard heater and also an am radio (Japanese model). A standard NZ radio can be fitted if required for extra cost. Also new model vehicles now can come with power steering & air-conditioning.
  • Can they be registered for the road?
    Once modified with accessories such as ATV wheels & tyres etc these vehicles are suitable for off-road use only (similar to a quad-bike). However various customers have applied for "ag plates" (EB regd) as you would for a tractor or other farm vehicle where you are needing to travel on a public road - say to go from farm to a run-off etc ( please enquire on this for the exact requirements ). Road registration is available for most late models if required.
  • Can you get Diff Lock or LSD?
    In our experience about 1 vehicle in 7 has a diff lock or LSD. Suzuki & Daihatsu from 1986 to date put out some vehicles with diff lock ( elec - on rear ). To date we have never had a Mitsi with diff lock however we have had the odd one with LSD. Subaru , being a different drive-train set-up ( rear engine mounted over back wheels ) does not have either.

    All new model Quad Trucks have rear diff-lock.
  • Can you get a Tipper Model?
    We have had a few OEM tippers , mainly S63 and M62 . The problem is that tippers are generally used in harsh conditions ( such as cement factory , lime works , quarry etc ) so their condition is not always good and hence it reduces the quantity which are viable to import . We can get Brand New D510 Heavy Duty Tippers from the factory on request (electro-hydraulic).
  • What colours do they come in?
    White, white or white is the general option. We have had the odd different colour one , however if you require a particular color we can get your vehicle re-painted to your requirements at an extra cost . We can order brand new D510 Quadtrucks from the factory in 4 or 5 different colour options that are available.
  • Parts Supply
    We have a comprehensive range of used parts at our yard. A lot of new parts ( oil filters , brake pads , clutches , water pumps, etc ) we keep in stock.We can also source New parts directly from Japan if necessary.
  • What things are breaking or giving problems?
    We have now had these vehicles running on farms etc for over 20 years and sold more than 4000 NZ-wide. To date there are no inherent problems or things breaking on them ( some of the early model Suzuki's need the steering idler bush replaced ). I am sure if anything was going to show up it would have done so by now as there are a lot out there in every day use - and some being used by some fairly tough operators ! As with any machinery it is important to maintain and service regularly.
  • Rust - Do they rust badly?
    Again this problem has not shown up to date (or we haven't been told about it). We do offer a full chassis & body tectyl/texture option if required (recommended). This is best done prior to delivery , while the vehicle is still clean underneath.
  • What is the tray size?
    The rear tray measures 1900 long x 1400 wide on later models and 1900 long x 1300 wide on earlier models. This means a 6ft post will fit in with 4" to spare. With a suitable crate you should fit approx. 9 calves on the rear.
  • What are they like for towing?
    They are excellent for towing in that they will tow a heavier weight than a quad and more safely. The general running gear on a quad-truck is heavier & stronger than a quad-bike. Bear in mind that a quad-bike was not designed for towing heavy loads.

    With the large quad tyres they give excellent traction when towing and are friendly on the pasture. Customers are using them for many towing applications including boom-spraying , fert. Spreading and towing round bale feeders and are very satisfied with performance. The cab is an added bonus when fert. Spreading!
  • What are they used for in Japan?
    In Japan there are literally thousands & thousands of 2WD models used for delivery vehicles. The Japanese Govt has a special dispensation for these vehicles due to their light weight and low fuel consumption / emissions so their annual registration costs are much cheaper than a normal vehicle. In northern Japan in winter there is a lot of snow and ice hence 4WD is a necessity. In general all these vehicles have been used at some time on the road in Japan.
  • Last Question - How soon can I get one?
    As soon as we can get it on the transporter ( subject to what specs you require ).Done !!
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