Windsor Park Stud

NZ Premiere Blood Stock Thoroughbred Horses

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, after a long day out delivering new Impact Quad Trucks over in Tauranga to their eagerly awaiting owners, we headed off to Cambridge in the Waikato to deliver a 2021 Daihatsu Hijet, Custom Heavy Duty Tipper to Rodney and his team at Windsor Park Stud. Windsor park is one of the premiere horse breeding establishments in Cambridge, Waikato. In the photo above, stands towering, our 6’ 3” salesman, Cameron Barr, handing the keys over to owner Rodney Schick. The famed Waikato region of New Zealand provides a year round environment that has enabled Windsor Park Stud to successfully breed and raise great thoroughbred racehorses for more than 30 years.  Windsor Park Stud is owned by Nelson and Sue Schick and their son Rodney, who manages the day to day operations on the farm.  Major expansion has seen the purchase of neighboring farms so that the main Kaipaki Road farm of Windsor Park now totals over 500 acres. With the purchase of the 300 acre Halidon Hill farm just east of Cambridge in 1993, the current Windsor Park operation encompasses more than 1300 acres of prime farmland on three separate properties. Windsor Park is acknowledged as one of Australasia's leading thoroughbred nurseries and provides excellent all-year round facilities for its horses with a carefully worked out farm management program which ensures maximum pasture utilization.

If you have been following the Impact Off Road journey over the years which expands 2 decades, then you would know our main focus has been within the agricultural sector. Dairy farming and those alike, are our bread and butter when it comes to showcasing just what the Impact Quadtrucks can do for farmers but as of recent and recultivate past clients,  we've seen an influx of all business sectors across New Zealand reaching out and using our vehicles for their own different purposes. From prisons, vineyards, universities, orchids, schools,  berry farms, NZ bloodstock and Equine to just the ordinary owner, the Impact Off Road Group offers New Zealand, the ultimate quad vehicle for over 20 years, the 4x4 Impact Quad truck. A versatile, practical and safer transport solution. Keeping you and your family safer.