Some of the many advantages of Impact Quad Trucks

  1. Greater load carrying capacity
  2. Vehicle weight/stability means less effect from any load shift
  3. STD deck size - 1900 x 1400 takes 6ft post with room to spare - no tying on required, carry drums, chain saws, hay, sheep, calves, etc. The tray has removeable sides for wider loads, reduces need to tow a trailer
  4. Carry farm dogs on back - saves their energy for stock work
  5. Fert Spreading - carry extra bags on tray saves trips back for re-loading (unsafe loading extra bags on quad )
  6. Stronger running gear - diff etc
  7. Water cooled engine (most bikes are air-cooled)
  8. Engine is quiet running - good around stock
  9. Stronger head-lamps - better visibility
  10. Full lighting system (brakes & indicators) if using on tracks with other vehicles or on-road situation (Ag plates)
  11. Steering wheel (not handle-bars) - lighter to steer and better control
  12. Conventional driving/operating procedure - gear-lever, clutch/brake pedal steering-wheel, hand-brake - more familiar to most
  13. Towing capacity - tow more safely & longer & heavier loads
  14. Longer wheel base gives better down hill control especially when towing
  15. Carry passengers - legally - can take baby seat in front
  16. No helmet required (OSH safety law)
  17. Cab (with heater & radio) - more comfort ( hot/cold weather) and safety
  18. Cab - communication gear (mobile phone etc) can be wired in out of the rain
  19. Cab gives safety at night when travelling - hot-wire fences etc
  20. Very stable - less likelihood of roll-over
  21. Cab gives protection in roll-over situation (additional roll-bar & cab-over bars can be fitted as extra)
  22. Easy servicing
  23. Economic replacement parts available
  24. Less attractive to thieves (better insurance?)
  25. Less hip/joint strain when getting in/out (no lifting leg over tank)
  26. Rear View Mirrors fitted - easier to see whats happening behind , reduced neck strain
  27. Quad Truck/ 2wheeler bike combination - using the quad truck for the heavier / tougher jobs (towing, carrying loads etc) promotes the life of your 2wheeler bike

Most of these points have been conveyed to us through experience by our many customers. If you are a Quad Truck operator and have any other interesting points to add please let us know.

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